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The following terms and conditions (the “T&C”) governs use of this website (the “Website” accessible at www.imintelly.com), the IM Intelly software Beta Version (the “Application”) being implemented as a service (the “Service”) provided by Saffron Tech Private Limited (the “Company”) to you (individual or legal entity, generally referred to hereinafter as the “User”)

By accessing this Website and/or using the Application provided as the Service, the User acknowledges and agrees to be legally bound by the T&C. Should the User not acknowledge and agree to the T&C, the User must not use the Website or Service for any purpose whatsoever. Nothing contained herein shall bestow rights or benefits upon third parties whatsoever.

  • Subscription and use of the Website, Service and/ or the Products are subject to your acceptance without modification of terms contained in the End User License cum Subscription Agreement (the “EULcSA and privacy policy provided at www.imintelly.com/eula/ and, without exception, limited to private use only by adult individuals who are competent to contract as per substantive laws of India. In event of any inconsistency between the T&C and EULcSA, or their latest versions, the EULcSA will take precedence
  • The Company is an entity registered in India and compliant with Indian legislations in making available the Website, Service and Application. Legality, authorizations and consequences of use and/ or accessing these from locations outside India will be sole responsibility of the User.
  • Display, performance and behavior of the Website, Application, Service and/ or resultant outputs of the Service (the “Products”) may depend on specifications of the hardware and internet operator being used by the User. The Company shall post compatibility statistics on and responsibility of ensuring compliance with prescribed hardware, software, operator and/or legal requirements before accessing the Website, subscribing to the Service and using the Products shall be solely that of the User.
  • Access to certain areas of the Website and/or Service may be restricted subject to access control measures implemented by the Company. The User agrees to abide by these restrictions and warrants that the login ID, password and any further content allotted for authentication/ security purposes shall be kept confidential at all times. The Company may, at sole discretion, deny/ alter/ disable the User’s access and/or subscription to the Website and/or Service at any time without notice or explanation.
  • Access and commencement of use of the Service are subject to fulfillment of registration formalities provided on and continuity thereof is billable on an advance-payment basis. All fees are non-refundable. The Company shall keep the User informed of charges and accepted modalities for payment at . The User agrees to conform and undertakes to provide official identifying, contact and/or billing information as required at time of registration and/or during use of the Service.
  • The Application is provided “AS IS” with no representation, guarantee or warranty of any kind as to its functionality or Services made available through it. The User may use the Application as provided in the Service or alternatively place an order with the Company for specific deliveries via email, phone or written request whereupon the Company shall duly deliver upon receiving full payments in advance from the User. The Company shall try best for best turnaround, but will not be responsible for quality, timelines for delivery and any consequences thereof including damages occasioned therefore on part of the User.
  • The User unconditionally agrees to absolutely refrain from following acts while using and/or accessing the Website, Service or other contents made available on the Website:
    • Posting, using or transmitting content to which the User has no lawful title or rights; which comprise materials that are unsolicited, unauthorized, contain advertising/ promotional/ pornographic/ illegal materials, are subject of any legal proceedings and/or comprise spam; that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment or otherwise interfere with or disrupt any website, service, servers and/or networks or that disobeys any reasonable requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of any third party; that is harmful, offensive, obscene, abusive, invasive of privacy, defamatory, hateful or otherwise discriminatory, false and misleading, incites an illegal act, or is otherwise in breach of your obligations to any person or contrary to any applicable laws and regulations. The User would be solely responsible for APIs and their usage in conjunction with the Website, Service, Application and/or Products.
    • Using the Website, Service, Application and/or Products to intimidate or harass another party; to use or attempt to use/ impersonate another person’s account, service, or access personal information; to remove, circumvent, disable, damage or otherwise interfere with any security-related features that enforce limitations on; to attempt to gain unauthorized access through hacking password mining or any other means or interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Website, Service and/or Application;
    • Modify, copy, frame, claim alliance, mirror contents, resale Services or otherwise co-brand the Website, Service, Application and/or Products for any reason and/or interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of the same.
  • Should the Company determine or have reason to believe that the User is a minor or is otherwise incompetent to contract and/or has committed any violation of the prohibitions listed in section 6] above, the Company shall have exclusive discretion and right to investigate and confirm identity of the defaulting User and further, at sole discretion, alter / suspend / delete access privileges and/or data of the concerned User and BAR SUBSCRIPTION if deemed necessary without notice or explanation. Additionally, the Company may, at sole discretion, choose to issue public warnings and/or pursue legal remedies as best available against the defaulting User(s)
  • The User shall be solely responsible for all access to the Website, Service, Application, Products and/ or other contents transmitted and consequences thereof. The Company will not be obligated to monitor or supervise such transmissions initiated by the User.
  • By using the Service, the User consents to receiving electronic communications via email from the Company, including intimations regarding new products, feedback, updates, applicable fees and charges, communications relating to confidentiality and preventing unauthorized use of the Service and/or other information concerning or related to the Website and Service. These communications shall be deemed to constitute relationship of the User with the Company and stand as valid communications for all purposes intended without mandating personalized notices and/or notices made in writing addressed to the User via post or any other mode of communication.
  • The Company reserves the right to amend these T&C anytime without prior notice by posting the amendment(s) on www.imintelly.com/eula/. Responsibility of regularly reviewing information posted on the Website shall rest solely on the User. Continued access of the Website and/or use of the Service by the User beyond the date on which the Company posts any amendment shall constitute the User’s full agreement to acknowledge and abide by such amended or revised terms. In event of any conflict, the User should immediately stop using the Website, Service, Application, Products and consult the Company for appropriate resolution.
  • Recognizing the nature of the Service provided, the User agrees to comply with all legislations, rules and codes of conduct usually associated with using the Application and/or Services. Responsibility of awareness and ensuring compliances in this context shall rest solely with the User.
  • The Company shall arrange best, but not warrant, that the Website, Service and/or Application will be constantly available, or available at all times. The Company shall however not be liable for any malfunction, gap in availability or failure of the Application and/or Service due to any cause that is beyond reasonable control of the Company including, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance downtimes, upgrades/ updates to the Website and/or Application, problems with storage server and utility power supply involved, internet network access and miscellaneous service outages.
  • The Company adheres to the GDPR policy rolled out as of 25th May, 2018. The Application needs to use 3rd party tools and APIs along with some user information such as Google Analytics, Webmasters, Website details, Email Ids etc. to function accurately. By signing up with the Application, you are confirming to abide by our Legal T&C to use your data in an appropriate manner.

These T&C were last updated on July 26, 2018. Previous version of this Terms of Use may be found here.